Long, soft, tan deerskin leather… braided, knotted and lots of wild fringe… accompanied with 5 cross strands of beads and a simulated bear claw

Adjustable with a slip bead

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The Warrior Necklace

This piece was created to humbly emulate the breastplates worn by great warriors of the western plains.

The Warrior Necklace is designed with lots of long, soft, tan deerskin leather — braided and knotted, and with layers and layers of wild flowing fringe!  There are 5 beaded cross pieces with hairpipe bone, wooden and brass beads… and beaded ends accented with beautiful feathers.  The centerpiece of this necklace is a simulated black bear claw, lashed on as the focal point pendant.

This necklace is NOT for the faint of heart.  Rather, be proud… be confident… be fierce… in the “Warrior”!

Adjustable with a slip bead.





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