The Messenger Necklace

Long, chocolate, braided elkskin leather with tassel and hand-carved, ivory bone feather

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The Messenger Necklace

Designed with the softest chocolate elkskin leather; braided neckpiece, long tassel, and a hand-carved, ivory bone feather.

The braided neckpiece may be worn long, or double-looped around the neck — making a choker and necklace in one!

Native Americans believed prayers and messages were carried to the Great Spirit on the wings of eagles and other fine birds.

Prayer feathers, either single or bundled, are used to offer a prayer to the Great Spirit.  The feathers carry your words, thoughts, and feelings to the Great Spirit.  Each time you look at your prayer feather, your prayers are again sent to the Great Spirit.

I thought this Double R Design would ideally be named “The Messenger” — in honor of these sacred beliefs.



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