The “DAKOTA” Earring


1 1/8″ Copper hoop, with super soft, black deerskin fringe

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The Dakota Earring

“Dakota” is a word derived from the Native American Sioux Tribe, and means “friend” or “friendly”.  I hope this new journey with Double R Designs brings me many new friends; and brings a little happiness to the old AND new ones!!!

I think in this Double R Design, the open hoop of the “Dakota” signifies open arms… welcoming friends & family… And the leather fringe, “dancing” about, symbolizes reaching out… with an open hand and heart…

1 1/8″ Copper hoop, with super soft, black deerskin fringe.

The ear wires are made from pure HYPOALLERGENIC Niobium, a totally inert, non-reactive metal.

Part of the RoughStock Collection by Double R.

(Remember… fringe can be trimmed to suit your individual taste!)


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