The Cherokee Necklace (part of The Legacy Collection)

Double-tine antler pendant strung on tan leather with glass, silver and wooden beads.

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The Cherokee Necklace

Part of The Legacy Collection by Double R Designs.

This Cherokee Necklace has a polished double-tine antler pendant, tied onto tan elkskin leather, and threaded with blue glass beads, silver-tone beads, and saucer-shaped wooden beads.

Naturally, each necklace is a custom piece — no 2 are alike!

Adjustable with a tie back.

(The Cherokee Tribe has 7 Clans, one of them being the Deer Clan.  The members of the Deer Clan were the hunters, and would often hunt deer… But they would also pray to the Deer Spirit and ask forgiveness because the deer is a sacred animal in the Cherokee culture.  And they would never kill more than they would eat, believing they would be cursed and never be able to hunt again, if they took more from the land than they needed.)



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