The Arapaho Necklace

Long, braided, knotted, gold deerskin leather, with 3 cross strands of glass beads and a rustic, antique bronze-tone cross pendant.

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The Arapaho Necklace

Long, soft, gold deerskin… braided, knotted… and accompanied with 3 cross strands of glass beads and dotted with a few small obsidian beads; accented with a rustic, antique bronze-tone cross.  (Adjustable, with a slip-bead neckpiece.)

The Arapaho were known as “People of the Sky” or “Cloud People” by their Cheyenne allies.  They were also known as “Blue Sky” or “Blue Cloud People” by the Dakota and Lakota Native Americans.  Perhaps it’s for the beautiful skies in Wyoming where they lived once… free… “People of their Own Kind”… as they’ve also been described.

This necklace is definitely “its own kind”… free as the blue skies…  and (respectfully) named the “Arapaho”.


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