The Double R Story actually began years ago – when I was a child. I loved art; I loved to make things, to create and design doll clothes… But I also loved the outdoors – I was a “renaissance child” I guess. My daddy and my older brother were fierce outdoorsmen, so I grew up with a great admiration for wildlife and nature. I wanted to live in the country and ride horses. When I dressed up and played “pretend” (or “tend like”, as we use say), I would be Geronimo, the fierce Apache warrior, and my daddy would be Cochise, the wise chief. So I’m sure that’s where my deep-rooted love and respect for Native American culture originated – including their beautiful art, jewelry, and fashion.

Fast forward a few decades, meeting the man of my dreams (the other “R” in the Double R — who shares the same passion for the outdoors, riding, and the country life); coupled with some “serious saddle time”; and another chapter in the Double R Story was in the making.

But, life happens – and in fact, it’s just plain hard sometimes, so you have to “pull yourself up by your boot straps”… you have to work hard, and work long, just to keep afloat. So there was little time for anything else – other than work.

But that was still part of the Double R plan, because I was learning and gaining experience – using my creativity — my “design flair” (as it’s been called), as VP of Marketing for a very successful, commercial real estate firm. This also gave me a little insight to the business world – you know, the “street savvy”, the “bottom-line-necessary-evil-stuff” that you gotta know and do – even though you’d much rather be making something beautiful. Yep, another chapter formulating.

Then, as I began to “dabble” with leather jewelry designs, experiment with leathers, look, shop, and compare my pieces with others in the market; I realized (with a HUGE amount of support from my wonderful husband, family and friends, along with a little recognition from some “big dogs” in the market) that I might… maybe… possibly… just be able to “make a go” of this leather jewelry addiction I had developed.

So, whether I ever make a boatload of money; or whether I am recognized far and wide for my “Custom Leather Adornments”, remains to be seen. But one thing’s for dang sure, I’ll be happy creating and sharing my designs — hoping you will be a part of my story too… OUR story… the Double R Story.

Randi & Jerry Rawls