Leather Care

First of all, if you’ve chosen to purchase a leather piece from Double R Designs, let me say, “THANK YOU”!  I am beyond thrilled!

So here’s just a few tips to help you keep your leather adornments looking beautiful for years to come:

  • Remember, leather is porous, and will absorb whatever you put next to it (to a degree) — especially oils.  That’s why when you get a fabulous purse or pair of boots, over time they get more soft and supple from the wear and the oils that make them more pliable.  So, don’t peel an onion or chop some garlic, and then adjust your necklace (LOL!)  Or, if you apply lotion (as most of us gals do), you may want to rinse your hands a little if you’re going to handle your jewelry a lot.  I always use the  “LAST ON” rule — Always let your leather jewelry be the last accessory you add to your fabulous outfit.  This prevents perfume, hairspray, etc., from soiling your adornment.  If you do get a little make-up smudge, just take a damp cloth and it should rub right off.
  • Extreme climate conditions are not your friend!  Please keep your Double R pieces from being left in the car…  in Phoenix… in late July… for 3 months!  They would probably be fine, but it’s “leather cruelty”!  Same goes for too much moisture — a little here and there is no problem.  But wet leather that stays wet is not good — but y’all already know this.
  • And lastly, this is not critical, but helpful.  Hang your pieces up or lay them out so the leather will fall and drape nice and straight.  Double R jewelry is made from the best quality leather lacing available — so it’s not prone to crimp, or get a “fold” in any of the strands.  But as with any other item, if it were to get pressed down, bent or “wadded up” (as we say in the south) for a long period of time, it could develop an ugly “dent” or “bruise” that would not be pretty.  And we don’t want that for sure!

Okay, mind you, these are not the “Leather Jewelry Commandments” (LOL)!  Just some stuff I’ve learned and am sharing with my fellow “leather gals”… for what it’s worth.  Thanks for takin’ a look!


Limited Availability

Each and every piece of jewelry from Double R Designs, has been hand-made.  They are rustic, unique, and beautifully created from the highest quality deerskin and elkskin leather lacing.  Colors of the leathers may vary from dye lot to dye lot — meaning an item pictured that is out of stock, can sometimes be recreated, but the leather color may vary slightly.  Natural gemstone beads, such as jasper, can take on many colors and hues, and will differ from bead to bead.    Lastly, some of the components used in the jewelry, such as pendants or metal beads, are also hand-made items.  They may also vary slightly from piece to piece, and more importantly — THEY MAY NOT ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE!  So, if you see a piece that you really like, please order it… don’t wait!  I’m not just trying to make a sale — I want Double R customers to be aware that some products may be limited due to the availability of the components that make up that particular piece.  You won’t find thousands, or even hundreds of like items in the marketplace.  Each piece is a little different… just like us!!!  But that’s part of the beauty of the item, and part of what Double R Designs is about — “Custom Leather Adornments”!