As beautiful as its western namesake… The Laramie Necklace by Double R

A simple design, but as big on style as its western namesake, Laramie, Wyoming.  This piece boasts beautiful braided leather, gathered together by a substantial concho pendant — some accented with beads.

This design is as western as it gets, and will serve as a great accent to your outfit.  Pair it with your fave jeans and tee, or wear it “dressed up” with a cute dress, sweater, and boots!

Get the look you want from the “Laramie”!!!


A Lil’ Southern Tradition from Double R!

Everyone from the south knows that even if you don’t like or understand football, southern folk are serious, and I do mean SERIOUS about their football teams.  Come September and the first hint of fall, that tradition that IS southern football overcomes us, and it’s all about the fans!  I’m talkin’ color-wearin’, flag-totin’, tailgatin’, ref-screamin’, trash-talkin’, TV-yellin’, cheer-to-the-last-second FANS!  So in honor of our southern heritage, Double R is here to help you get your “Game On” with these fun GAMEDAY Earrings!


This is not your normal DOUBLE R post, but this photo holds a very special place in my heart, so I thought I might share it with you — for I am wearing a mink stole that was made for my beautiful mother, whom I lost at age 9 in 1970.  My brother trapped the mink and had the stole especially made for her — her initials are sewn inside.  I reflect on the past and am thankful for what God has given me… and for what he’s brought me through in 56+ years.  I look to the future and have learned that all the planning in the world is no guarantee that your plan will come to fruition.  So… here’s to 2018!  While uncertainties and challenges await, they also offer opportunities to climb more mountains, achieve more goals, and conquer more fears… with hard work and FAITH!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!